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Enhancing Existing Therapies

LaserPuncture allows Acupuncturists to incorporate Laser as an adjunct to their healing art.


LaserPuncture (laser acupuncture, photopuncture, laser acutherapy) is the application of therapeutic laser to acupoints on the body, ear, or hand. It is a simple, effective and natural approach that dependably manages pain. It is a very powerful adjunct to other clinical therapies as well. LaserPuncture incorporates all the accumulated knowledge and techniques of acupuncture in a completely safe, non-invasive and extremely easy-to-use modality.

Multi Radiance Medical LaserPuncture
technology enhances your clinical expertise in:

  • Body acupoints
  • Ear acupoints-aculotherapy
  • Korean hand therapy
  • Reflexes
  • Trigger points
  • Spinal reflexes

Multi Radiance Medical has partnered with Dr. William J. Kneebone, DC, CNC, DIHom, FIAMA, DIACT in the development of his LaserPuncture Manual and DVD. This comprehensive, step-by-step, easy-to-read book and DVD is a tremendous guide for numerous procedures, giving detailed accounts in the use of:

  • Body acupoints
  • Ear acupoints-aculotherapy
  • Korean hand therapy
  • Spinal Reflexes
  • Trigger points

The manual is spiral bound for lying flat, thus serving as an easy reference during procedures. It has large type and clear, how-to illustrations to make your job that much easier.

Acupuncture—Muscle Trigger Probes

Multi Radiance Medical Acupuncture and Muscle Trigger Point Probes are designed for use with the SE25, LaserStim and TQ Solo Multi Radiance Medical emitters.

Suggested Clinical Applications

Wound/Cosmetic Probe: Ideal for open wounds, post surgical incision, contagious skin conditions, swelling, edema, anti-aging. This lens will protect the laser and light emitting diodes from dirt and debris.

Auricular Probe: Auricular acupuncture can be done on the ears, hands or feet to treat conditions that are present anywhere in the body.

Corporal Probe: Corporal acupuncture is done on points on the body. This probe can also be used for muscle trigger and motor points.

Utility Probe: This is an inter-cavity probe designed for treatment of the mouth and ears. It may additionally be used as a point probe for patients that may find the corporal probe uncomfortable.

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