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TerraQuant LaserStim

LaserStim™ system is an emitter that provides both light therapy and electrical stimulation. A must-have for any practice, the LaserStim™ combination is FDA approved and reimbursable by insurance providers.
Requires physician's RX prescription.

Laser-Stim™ Emitter

The new Laser-Stim™ accessory is the first of its kind, a hybrid probe that provides both light therapy and electrical stimulation. The FDA approved Laser-Stim™ combination probe can provide simultaneous or independent light and electrical stimulation applications for superior clinical applications and outcomes. Based on the SE25 emitter, the single super pulsed diode produces 25 W of peak power as well as incorporating Red LEDs, Infrared emitting diodes and the static magnetic field.

Optional upgrades

TerraQuant® console comes equipped with two emitter ports. This gives you the ability to upgrade your TerraQuant® laser to a dual emitter system when you see fit. Please note: two emitters can be used simultaneously to treat twice the area and cut treatment times in half for optimal efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply Voltage9V
Duration of ExposureManual Regulation
Net Weight250 grams
Laser PowerLaser Impulse Peak Power: 25 W (25,000 mW)
Infrared radiation: 60 mW
Red LEDs: 7.5 mW
WavelengthLaser Radiation: 905 nm
Infrared radiation: 875 nm
Red radiation: 660 nm
Beam Area at Focus4 cm2
Maximum amplitude of output voltage at in-built electrodes90V @ 500ohms
300V @ 2k ohms
650V @ 10k ohms
Maximum current at built-in electrodes40milliamps @ 500 ohms
16.9milliamps @ 2 k ohms
8.0 milliamps @ 10 k ohms
Pulse Frequency5 Hz to 140 Hz, up to 350 Hz
Max. Current Density2 (mA/cm2)27 mA/cm2 @ 500 ohms
Avg. Power Density2 (W/cm2)0.20W/cm2 @ 500 ohms
Time On2 sec
Off Time≤1 sec
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