The Right Laser Therapy Tool
for Every Stage of Care

A complete light-based approach to pain relief, tissue healing, and long-term maintenance

You have different goals for your patients at each stage of care. The Laser Therapy Continuum of Care is designed to provide you with the right non-invasive tools in your laser therapy toolbox to meet your clinical goals throughout a complete plan of care.

Relieve Pain

Treatment protocols employ higher power to block pain and prime patients for tissue healing. Protocols are designed to treat large areas to address the source and referral sites of pain.

Heal Tissue

After the pain is under control, targeted treatments support tissue healing. Treatment protocols are highly targeted at the source of tissue dysfunction for cellular repair.

Maintain Relief

After short-term resolution is achieved, chronic conditions require on-going treatment. Simple treatment programs address the target area for long-term relief.

High powered class 4 device for quick pain relief. Includes Multi Radiance’s proprietary Priority Principle technology to optimize outcomes based on patient characteristics.

Narrowly target damaged tissue with Super Pulsed technology designed to jump-start damaged cells. Use on wounds for added infection control benefits with blue light.

With 200 W of peak Super Pulsed Laser power, it provides faster treatment times for large companion animals. Use on wounds for added infection control benefits with blue light.

Improve outcomes, client compliance, and add a new revenue stream to your practice with the My Pet Laser 2.0 take-home device. Prescribe one of the 5 built-in protocols to lock in clinical outcomes.

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