Class IV Laser

The ONLY Therapeutic Laser Designed
with the FLEXIBILITY to TARGET Treatments
By Anatomy

It can be difficult to identify all the underlying causes of complex or idiopathic conditions. Using a treatment method encompassing a more robust anatomical approach is effective when dealing with these types of cases. AlphaVet’s built-in anatomical protocols are designed to deliver accurate dosimetry based on anatomy and patient metrics.

AlphaVet combines up to 28 Watts of power, over four wavelengths with Accurate Dose Technology (ADT) protocols, which are designed to target the variety of tissue types present throughout a larger anatomical area while maintaining a low thermal profile.

By Symptom

In cases where the underlying indication is conclusive and the treatment area is isolated, a more prescriptive and specific treatment may be appropriate. Multi Radiance has extended its Priority Principle from its ACTIVet PRO line of lasers to AlphaVet.

Priority Principle is our proprietary protocol that is designed to deliver accurate therapeutics to specific indications or injuries. Priority Principle is based on 60+ peer-reviewed studies and provides clinically enforced protocols to guide the patient through the natural healing process.

Identifying the Target

In either case, your efficacy will increase the better you can identify and assess the source of your patient’s pain. Enter WellVu, our infrared thermal imaging system:

  • In a 3-minute-or-less screening exam, this non-invasive measurement tool can provide real-time identification of temperature asymmetries in the body
  • These temperature asymmetries are easy to visualize and are good leading indicators for circulation differences that stem from inflammation, muscle usage, and neurological deficiencies
  • These are exactly the sites that when specifically targeted, lead to highest efficacy of Photoceutical prescription
Great Dane Thermal Image

Features & Benefits

Priority Principle

Protocols supported 
by 60+ published studies

Accurate Dose Technology (ADT)

Intuitive, easy-to-navigate 
anatomical selections

Optimal Thermal Profile

Achieves High Intensity 
with High Patient Comfort

Quad-Wavelength Design

Targeting the widest variety 
of symptoms and anatomies

Adaptive High Power

Large treatment volumes 
in clinically feasible treatment times.

Interchangable Treatment Heads

Quickly switch treatment heads 
for precise treatments


  • Wavelengths: 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 980nm
  • Power: 0.5 – 28 Watts
  • Modes: CW, Pulsed
  • Weight: 12.9 G
  • Battery Operated
  • 7-inch LCD touchscreen

My small animal rehabilitation practice has allowed me to try various photobiomodulation units throughout the past twenty-five years. The AlphaVet by Multi Radiance is by far my favorite.  I have found it to be the safest and most versatile Class IV laser I have ever used.  The variety of settings and ability to alter settings allows the unit to be applicable to a variety of conditions, animals, and situations.  I have been able to develop a specific protocol for degenerative myelopathy utilizing the specific parameters of the unit for improved blood flow, tissue repair and muscle strength.

I have also found it to be the most effective laser unit I have used, with objective reductions in pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms, while improving function, strength and quality of life.

Dr. Deb Torraca 
Founder of Wizard of Paws
CCRP Instructor