The ACTIVet PRO LaserShower is a cordless, portable laser therapy system.

With 200 W of peak Super Pulsed Laser power, the ACTIVet PRO LaserShower provides faster treatment times for large companion animals and horses.
With over 500 mW of Average Power, and 250 mW of Blue Light power, our technology safely delivers the most light to tissue and facilitates absorption.

Laser Therapy for Comprehensive Equine and Companion Animal Care

The Laser Therapy Continuum of Care is founded in a deep understanding of laser science. The Multi Radiance family of therapeutic lasers are engineered to provide the right tool in the laser therapy toolbox for every patient, and every stage of care.

Versatile Applications and Proven Efficacy

Effectively treat a wide variety of conditions, anywhere/anytime. Supported by a wide body of scientific evidence

Heal Tissue

After the pain is under control, targeted treatments support tissue healing. Protocols are designed to handle the source of tissue dysfunction for cellular repair.

Maintain Outcomes

After short-term resolution is achieved, chronic conditions require ongoing treatment. Simple operation programs will manage the target area for long-term relief.

Priority Principle

Treatment optimization for tissue healing

Built-In Protocols

Easily customize pain & tissue healing protocols with built-in technology

Designed for Equine and Companion Animals

Large 30 cm² treatment area

Wound Care

Use on wounds for added infection control benefits with blue light

Broad Range of Conditions Treated

What’s Included

Technical Specifications

Specification Value
Laser Radiation 905 nm
Broadband Infrared Radiation 850 nm
Visible Red Light Radiation 630nm
Visible Blue Light Radiation 470nm
Laser Peak Power 200W
Laser Safety Class 1
Broadband Infrared Radiation Average Power 300
Red Light Average Power 200 mW
Blue Light Average Power 250 mW
Radiation Aperture 30 cm²
Magnetic Induction 35±10 mT
Overall Dimensions 203x64x70 mm
Net Weight 250 g

Laser therapy is now a very valuable modality in combination with manual therapies and acupuncture. I find the ACTIVet PRO to be easy to use and very effective.

João Marques, DVM, CERP, IVCA, NAS, FEI Official Vet DVM

I’ve used Multi Radiance lasers for over 10 years now. Despite very high peak power, they are safe, easy to use and very effective. They help with so many sport horse conditions, I use them daily.

Bart Halsberghe, Veterinary Surgeon, DABVP (equine practice), cert. ISELP, cVMA, cVSMT, CERT

We are very impressed with the ACTIVet PRO Lasers for equine physiotherapy.

Kent Allen, DVM, Virginia Equine Imaging, The Plains, Va.; Founder ISELP; Veterinary Services Director, 
World Equestrian Games, Lexington, KY