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Laser Therapy Solutions, From Clinic to Home. A complete light-based approach to pain relief, tissue healing, and long-term maintenance.


There’s a Photoceutical for That

How to use laser therapy in the full continuum of care for pain relief, tissue healing and maintenance. Why is laser therapy an important part of the continuum of care in a general practice? But let’s have real talk Translating photobiomodulation into real-world clinical outcomes: photoceuticals How photoceuticals compare to pharmaceuticals The laser therapy continuum […]

At Home Laser Therapy

In this time of social distancing, pets and pet owners may not be able to make it to the veterinary clinic for routine care. Multi Radiance can bridge this Pet Care and Revenue Gap with vet-prescribed home laser devices for effective pain management, inflammation control, wound healing, and treatment for 300+ common conditions. At-home, easy […]

Laser Therapy Continuum of Care

Dr. James S. Gaynor breaks down the science of photoceuticals and the practical applications of light in the veterinary practice. You will learn how to use different in-clinic and at-home photoceutical tools during every stage in the continuum of care, from relieving acute pain to healing tissue and maintaining relief in the long term. Key […]

Photoceuticals: A Light Introduction

What’s a Photoceutical? Dr. Brunke explores the laser therapy Continuum of Care and describes how the mechanism of action of photobiomodulation is translated into practical applications in veterinary practice through a photoceutical approach to care. From acute injury to tissue healing and long-term care, Dr. Brunke explains how to optimize laser therapy doses to provide […]